Russell Publishing Group has been building the professional image of doctors, dentists, aesthetic services, real estate companies, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals in service industries since 1995. Using marketing techniques that set each business apart from its competitors has been the success behind Russell Publishing Group and its clients. Their success was recognized in the third chapter of Aesthetic Dentistry, How to Create an Exceptional Aesthetic Practice by Bill Dickerson (the founder of The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and Dr. Nate Booth, a speaker, consultant and coach who helps dentists discover the success strategies used by the nations most successful dentists. In addition, Tall Tales: Trailblazers, Shining Stars & Cowgirls, published by Martana, a book depicting successful women with unique business talents included Janie Russell, a founder of Russell Publishing Group, in its depiction of successful business women. She has been honored by the American Cancer Society with two Awards for articles published that helped men and women with encouraging stories of successful cancer journeys and their treatments. She was chosen as a board member for the World Craniofacial Foundation, a charity helping families world-wide afford surgeries and its expenses for children with severe craniofacial deformities. This foundation was led by the internationally recognized craniofacial surgeon, Kenneth Salyer.

Russell Publishing Group utilizes these unique experiences to create a strong market image for their clients both nationally and internationally, printing of over 450,000,000 individual and citywide magazines over the last 22 years. Each practice or business is promoted by emphasizing their strengths that create a unique that sets them apart from their competitors. The result is a growth in new business and multiple referrals that result from this. Our goal is to “think out of the box” to keep our clients as recognized leader in their field.

Russell Publishing Group is known for their specialty magazines, Nu Image, Inform, DentaLife and Visuelle. These marketing magazines are turnkey ass Russell Publishing Group provides the photography, writing, creative layout, and distribution, allowing their clients to do what they do best, their professional services.


Ophthalmology is one of the very few fields of medicine where as a doctor, you can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life on a frequent basis. To many individuals, sight is one of their most precious senses. Having the capacity to return vision to a patient who has lost it…is life changing. click to read more

Remember the timeless catchphrase from 1968, “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”? Do you think that when the creators of this infamous saying spoke these words, that they would have ever foreseen just how far women would succeed in the world of business?

That was an era when women owning their own business were few and far between. Today, a woman owning her own business is not so unusual, however, just as it is with any business; be it owned by a man or a woman, successes are not so easy to come by. At Russell Publishing Group, we set out on a lengthy search to find and promote three women who not only own their own business, but also are more than happy to share their secrets to finding success so that others can do the same. click to read more

“My goal is to help my patients set realistic goals and expectations in order to determine what treatments will meet both their short and long-term needs and desires. It is important to me that my patients are very satisfied with their results.”


You have one face. And sometimes, no matter how hard you try, no matter how well you eat or how often you exercise; you cannot completely avoid the inevitable process that comes with aging. Even in those who seem as though they never age the way ‘normal’ people do, their skin will eventually begin to lose elasticity, and they too will endure the unfortunate process of deterioration in their bones and tissue. This does not have to be the case with YOUR face. click to read more

For some people, losing weight can be easy. But for most people… losing weight and keeping it off, now that’s a different story. Once the numbers on the scale start to climb, and waistlines begin to expand, many people partake in “quick-fix” diets that are not only hazardous to their overall health, but also causes their weight to oscillate instead of decline. Others choose to skip the dieting altogether and go under the knife with hopes of defeating the endless battle of weight gain via weight-loss surgeries whose temporary results vary. If you or someone you know has been struggling with weight gain, then get ready for some exciting news that will change your life for the better; forever! Absolutely Thin is a Dallas-based group that provides its patients with top-notch treatment and personalized care that not only assists patients in achieving their personal goals, but also helps them maintain them as well. click to read more