In an age when there is so much negative change in the practice of medicine many doctors are going into survival mode. Fewer are practicing in the relative tranquility and direct accountability of solo-practice. A board certified specialist since 1992, native Texan and avid Long Horn Fan, Dr. Chris Kuhne keeps on doing what he’s done for years – giving each patient who walks through the door his undivided attention. It’s this, along with years of experience, his ability to listen, talent for investigation and ability to process new information, along with a huge dose of empathy that keeps generations of women coming to him year after year for all of their health care needs.

“I look at the patient as an individual with unique body chemistry and feelings,” Doctor Kuhne says. “When a patient walks in the door, no matter what her age, I know that receiving straight-forward answers and solutions is key to achieving vibrancy and energy for optimal well-being, and the temperament to meet the needs of those who count on her for love and support.

The first thing Doctor Kuhne does with each new patient is conduct a lengthy private interview leaving no concerns behind. He then performs a routine physical examination followed by individualized, conservative lab work, including virtually painless in-office blood collection by a gifted phlebotomist. He then prescribes a thoughtful, tailor-made treatment plan. It is much more than an ‘in and out’ pap smear stop, although visits can be quick if issues are minimal.

Keeping up with the new and sometimes basic things is some of the things Dr. Kuhne does best. For instance, if the patient is forty years or older, inexpensive Vitamin D3 and B-12 level blood tests are proving invaluable in guiding patients to pharmaceutical replacements that work, given that many popular over-the-counters do not work.

“Vitamin D3 controls almost every major process in your body, yet eighty-five percent of the time, newly tested patients are deficient,” Dr. Kuhne says. “It does seem possible that the epidemic of bone loss with age leading to osteoporosis that is occuring in one in three women may in be attributable in large part to the epidemic deficiency in this essential vitamin – an almost unthinkable proposition in our current vitamin –aware society. Other related ailments with strong scientific evidence link Vitamin D3 deficiency to impaired cognitive function, depression, low sex drive, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and breast cancer.

Few physicians seem to have noticed that over the counter Vitamin B-12 capsules have quietly gone from almost placebo status to high-potency as a result of reformulation to methylcobalamine, which is now readily absorbed orally. Unfortunately, the new ‘time-release’ packaging kept the old milligram dosages of up to 10,000% the RDA. Since Vitamin B-12 can act as a stimulant, Dr. Kuhne is finding numerous patients with new onset anxiety from over-dosage, as well as the usual high number of low Vitamin B-12 related fatigue.

Although the epidemic of Vitamin D3 deficiency is gaining traction in the scientific community, the idea that ineffective current over-the-counter Vitamin D3 capsules may be a contributing factor is not. So how in this modern society did a major vitamin become so suddenly depleted in the body? Unlike children who play in the sun and consume vitamin-fortified foods, modern adults do not. Furthermore, the body’s way of forming the most active form of Vitamin D is complicated. Vitamin D1 is naturally found in plants. Once consumed the kidneys convert it to the vitamin D2 version. Then skin exposed to sunlight completes the final step to vitamin D3. With the onset of unhealthy diets combined with lifestyles that for many of us involves spending most of our waking hours in what can be compared to as dark caves, vitamin D3 deficiencies are escalating. “I don’t sell vitamins,” Dr. Kuhne says, “but most of the brand name vitamin D3 bottles found on the shelves in drugstores do not seem to be working.”

But with a little research, Dr. Kuhne did find a simple solution in the dietary management of Vitamin D deficiency called Replesta, located discreetly behind the pharmacy counter. It does not require a prescription.

Dr. Kuhne also treats weight loss, contraception, cancer-detection, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and basic female infertility. He also handles common mood issues such as PMS and low libido, as well as the more serious mood disorders of depression, disruptive concentration and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Dealing with routine and high-risk pregnancies, over the years Dr. Kuhne has delivered thousands of babies. “Whether this is your first pregnancy or your fifth, expecting a baby can be a time of not only great excitement, but also fear,” he adds. “I believe every mother deserves focused care that starts early in the pregnancy and continues through delivery.”

Mary Jane Lawrence was told she could never get pregnant. Over the years she suffered several miscarriages. It was ten years before she and her husband were able to adopt twins. “When my sister recommended Dr. Kuhne I booked an appointment,” she says. “The first thing I noticed was that he was very thorough and that he listened. He was determined to find the solution, and he did. I had a baby girl and am pregnant again. I take shots to keep me from miscarrying. Dr. Kuhne has changed my life. He is ‘heaven sent.’

Dr. Kuhne also performs minor procedures such as mole removals. Outpatient surgeries include sterilization and major obstetrical and gynecological procedures such as Caesarian sections and hysterectomies.

Dr. Kuhne has been one of the very few physicians who is legally able to protect his patient’s most sensitive comments, concerns and treatments from internet-related exposure by filing insurance claims only by mail. “All files are kept confidential and secure in my office and not released for any reason without the patient’s knowledge and permission,.” He says. “Call me old fashioned, but I view the relationship between myself and my patients as sacred and confidential, allowing an openness that fosters trust.”


A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Kuhne was awarded membership into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society and graduated with the highest honors. He received his medical degree from the University of Texas at the Galveston medical branch and has served as a clinical instructor for UT Southwestern medical students and trained for four continuous years as a resident in ob-gyn at the prestigious Parkland Hospital. A diplomat of the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, he is also a member of the Dallas County Medical Society and the Texas Medical Association.

Dr. Chris Kuhne is located in the Centennial Medical Pavilion II at 4461 Coit Road, Suite 309 in Frisco at the northwest corner of Highway 121 and Coit Road. For information call 214-705-7425 or log onto

Centennial Medical Pavilion II
4461 Coit Road, Suite 309
Frisco Texas 75035
(northwest corner of Highway 121 and Coit Road)

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