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My Bariatric Solutions

Have you resolved to lose weight and get healthier this year? If you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off in the past and have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher, surgical weight loss with My Bariatric Solutions may be the ideal answer. They provide a variety of minimally invasive, laparoscopic weight loss surgery options along with the tools and one-of-a-kind services you need for long-term weight loss success.

Dr. Scott Stowers, Medical Director at My Bariatric Solutions, and his experienced team have helped over 2,000 patients win their battle with obesity. In fact, Dr. Stowers’ patients have lost well over 70,000 pounds over the last five years! Now it’s time for you to start on your path to becoming your own weight loss success story with My Bariatric Solutions.

When you choose My Bariatric Solutions, they are by your side every step of the way during your weight loss journey, offering a multidisciplinary team approach. Working with you on an individualized basis, their team of specialists and support staff, many of whom have undergone weight loss surgery themselves, includes:

• A surgeon practicing for over 20 years.
• Specialized and trained bariatric nurses trained in caring for the weight loss surgery patient.
• Registered, licensed dietitians that customize nutritional plans for you before and after surgery as well as tips and tricks throughout your journey.
• Exercise specialists that customize individualized exercise plans throughout your entire journey.
• Licensed psychologists to help you overcome psychological barriers and habits.
• Insurance and financial specialists to assist you with any insurance and/or financing questions. They are here to help make your dream a reality.
• Dedicated patient advocate and coordinators, many of whom have undergone weight loss surgery themselves, help make your experience as smooth as possible.

“Rest assured, we will be with you from beginning to end, and will continue to follow up with your progress to help ensure you are losing weight safely and effectively. We recognize the causes of obesity can be far-reaching and effective treatment requires a comprehensive solution that reaches beyond surgery alone. Patients must be prepared for life after weight loss surgery, which requires adherence to dietary and lifestyle guidelines. We’re here to help with this and much, much more,” Dr. Stowers said.

Everyone is unique, and people are often better-suited for one surgical weight loss procedure versus another. This is why My Bariatric Solutions doesn’t try to force-fit patients into a single procedure. Instead, they offer options and help you select the type of weight loss surgery that will best fit your eating habits and lifestyle. Remember, they want to set you up for long-term success!

Adjustable Gastric Banding (commonly referred to as the Lap-Band©)

This reversible procedure involves placing a silicone band (gastric band) with an inflatable tube around the upper stomach to restrict food intake.  Creating a small pouch and a narrow passage to the lower stomach causes a feeling of fullness.  The silicone gastric band can be adjusted as needed by adding or removing saline solution (these “adjustments or “fills” can be done easily on their Lap-Band Wagon) .

Gastric Sleeve/Sleeve Gastrectomy*:

During the gastric sleeve procedure, the stomach is stapled vertically into two sections. One section becomes the “sleeve,” and the stomach’s natural connection to the small intestine at the bottom of this sleeve is left intact. Meanwhile, the other portion of the stomach is removed. The procedure, which is irreversible, reduces the stomach’s capacity while leaving the intestines intact.

Gastric Bypass/Roux-En-Y:

This irreversible procedure, often targeted for patients who have struggled with Type II diabetes for a long time, is generally thought to be more effective than purely restrictive procedures (gastric banding and gastric sleeve). Gastric bypass facilitates weight loss in two ways—reducing the stomach size and diminishing calorie absorption by rerouting the small intestine.

In the first part of the procedure, a stapler is used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach that reduces the amount of food the patient can eat. Second, the small intestine is divided into two segments and re-routed to bypass the large portion of the stomach and upper portion of the small of the small intestine. The final result is the “Y” shape for which the procedure is named.

Follow-up visits are part of every successful surgical weight loss program. My Bariatric Solutions understands how busy life can be, and that heading to a doctor’s office for follow-up appointments can be time consuming when you live outside of town. Dr. Stowers knows that patient follow-up care is critical to success after weight loss surgery so he came up with the idea of taking his aftercare to patients by developing the first and only bariatric mobile unit also known as the Mobile LAP-BAND Wagon©.

In September of 2011, the Mobile LAP-BAND Wagon© started traveling to outlying cities around the DFW Metroplex, as well as Abilene, Waco, Amarillo, Mineral Wells, Wichita Falls and many more locations coming. A skilled mobile unit medical team consisting of Nurse Practitioner Debbie McDougall, FNP; Rich Carrera, Mobile Unit Technician; and Colleen Smith, X-Ray technician, performs LAP-BAND adjustments as well as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass routine follow-up care. The wagon’s schedule can be viewed at as well as on their free mobile app.

Permanent weight loss involves an ongoing commitment to lifestyle changes, and support groups can play a major role in this. Always striving to put patients first, My Bariatric Solutions offers engaging, interactive online support groups. You don’t have to hassle with getting in the car and driving for miles to go to support meetings. They also have a lively Facebook community consisting of patients and staff sharing experiences, support, recipes, and tips. It’s just another example of how My Bariatric Solutions is dedicated to helping ensure their patient’s success.

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