For some people, losing weight can be easy. But for most people… losing weight and keeping it off, now that’s a different story. Once the numbers on the scale start to climb, and waistlines begin to expand, many people partake in “quick-fix” diets that are not only hazardous to their overall health, but also causes their weight to oscillate instead of decline. Others choose to skip the dieting altogether and go under the knife with hopes of defeating the endless battle of weight gain via weight-loss surgeries whose temporary results vary. If you or someone you know has been struggling with weight gain, then get ready for some exciting news that will change your life for the better; forever! Absolutely Thin is a Dallas-based group that provides its patients with top-notch treatment and personalized care that not only assists patients in achieving their personal goals, but also helps them maintain them as well.

Absolutely Thin founder, Dr. R.E. Branch, provides a simple explanation, allowing readers to understand why the treatment programs at Absolutely Thin work, where others have failed.


Do you wake up each morning vowing that today is the day that you will only eat healthy foods and say “No” to all of those deliciously tempting foods saturated with fat and are high in calories, only to once again cave in and indulge just once more with the thought of, “I’ll start again tomorrow”…? Perhaps you are one who, no matter how hard you try, can never stop the compulsive urge to overeat; not just healthy foods, but foods that when eaten in large quantities on a regular basis are harmful to your body. If either of these are scenarios that you can relate to, or find all too familiar, then you may be one who suffers from an addiction to food. “An addiction to overeating is real! And, it affects more people than you realize,” explains Dr. Branch. What’s more, to entice consumers to buy their food products, the food industry inundates us through strategic advertising that seduces our taste buds into craving those savory items that do nothing but please our palate, while adding inches to our waistline.

Dr. Branch continues to describe the process of how, “Large food manufacturers, in an effort to increase sales, design food products so that they are as pleasure producing as possible. Ingredients such as optimized sugars, fats, and salt elevate dopamine levels in our brains. Dopamine is a chemical neurotransmitter in each person’s brain, and increased levels of dopamine are closely associated with addiction. Simply put, the modern foods we eat today are designed to stimulate the reward system in the brain in the same way as substances of abuse. This makes it almost impossible to lose weight without medical treatment specifically because of overeating withdrawal symptoms. The only difference being, you feel like you’re starving while struggling to avoid foods that can be as addicting as narcotic drugs. Withdrawal symptoms associated with overeating make eating less extremely difficult. Therefore, one of the primary keys to successful weight loss and healthy maintenance is the ability to suppress hunger so that you can avoid overeating certain foods and beat the addiction.”



Dr. Branch addresses one question in particular that many people wonder, but very few ask. ”What is a calorie? A calorie is a unit of heat defined as the amount of heat required to elevate one cc of water one degree Centigrade.” In layman’s terms, “Our bodies store fat when we consume more calories than we burn off. Regardless of the foods they come from, excess calories are turned into body fat as a form of energy storage.”

“Many people tear into exercise thinking it will just burn the extra body weight away. Comparing the calories burned during exercise with the calories consumed, even in small amounts of high-calorie foods, you will quickly realize that unless you’re constantly exercising several hours a day, you simply cannot burn off enough calories with exercise to make a significant difference with your weight.”

For example, a Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin at Starbucks contains 420 calories; 120 calories are from fat. If you weigh 180 pounds and walk 4 miles per hour, you will burn roughly 102 calories an hour. This means you must walk approximately 5 miles, give or take, in order to burn off just the muffin calories alone! In order to lose one pound a week, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you eat (There are 3,500 calories in one pound of stored body fat). When referring to the walking example above, a person would need to walk over 34 hours a week in order to lose a single pound. For most, an exercise routine such as is this is simply not feasible and actually increases their risk of injury.

The truth of the matter is that, “It is easiest to achieve weight loss by eating much less and gradually increasing exercise.”


Dr. R.E. Branch and his superb medical staff, as well as the growing Physician’s Network (ATIMAP), acknowledge and understand that they key to a patient achieving weight loss success is by making the necessary changes in their physical activity, as well as the eating habits that can follow a person throughout their entire life. Dr. Branch personally designed the Absolutely Thin Program as a fully functional, fully structured, fully customizable website-based weight loss plan that consists of educational tools that help patients with all of the necessary information that will assist them in their weight loss journey, a calorie intake plan, as well as prescription medication and prescription medication guides for those who need additional help in suppressing their hunger.

Some may question, why when, “A lot of weight loss programs provide fitness, education and nutrition counseling; what makes Absolutely Thin different?” The answer to this question is: As licensed medical professionals, the doctors are able to safely prescribe potent medications that control hunger and prevent weight gain. Any medication that is prescribed in patient’s personalized program is solely used to suppress hunger in order for them to lower their consumption of calorie intake. This in turn helps patients avoid those late night cravings when people are most tempted to raid their refrigerators. Furthermore, the medications prescribed also help modify and adjust a person’s neurochemistry and helps them maintain control of that compulsatory urge to binge eat, which damages the weight loss program.


Dr. Branch and the group of medical specialists at Absolutely Thin prescribe a safe, non-habit forming dietary anorectic that is FDA Approved, which decreases a person’s appetite as well as the impulse to overeat. Dr. Branch and his team prescribe the same appetite suppressants that doctors have been prescribing to patients since 1959.

The way that this particular medication works is by, “Stimulating the hypothalamus gland that affects certain neurotransmitters in order to decrease hunger. When used in conjunction with food restriction, exercise and behavior therapy, the suppressant will help you to lose weight while you are learning new ways to not overeat.

“Over-the-counter diet pills are categorized as food supplements and are not FDA-regulated. They are not FDA-tested to ensure safety, and unknown, even deadly side effects may occur from taking them,” notes Dr. Branch. Additionally, to enhance the ability of the medication in order to achieve weight loss results by eating less, Absolutely Thin combines the first appetite suppressant with a second low-dose medication that assists the first in prolonging the effects that curb one’s appetite.

“For years, it has been widely known and accepted that the combination of our weight loss medications better-controls hunger and overeating, and helps patients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals. With the increased hunger suppression, fewer calories are taken in so that weight loss occurs sooner than what can be expected using other weight reduction aids.” Dr. Branch continues to explain how, “The pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly, conducted a study with one group of patients taking only one appetite suppressant, and the other patient group taking the combination medical therapy medication we use. Over a 6-month period, patients taking the medication combination lost 13 to 14 percent more body weight than those patients taking a single medication.”

Dr. Brach credits the reason why so many have embraced the use of the combination treatment method for suppressing the appetite for successful weight loss, as well as the acknowledgement of the research findings like those found in the Eli Lilly study; supports the Absolutely Thin program on how to successfully manage a person’s overeating habits and appetite. Furthermore, Dr. Branch credits Dr. Michael Anchors, a medical professional with a PhD in biochemistry, for his part in the discovery of the combination of the medications.


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expressed in calories that a person needs in order to keep the body functioning at rest. This is a key component when creating a calorie plan for successfully achieving weight loss.

A person’s individual Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is calculated by the following information: height, weight, age, and gender. In addition to this, the information listed below will also play a vital role in a person’s gaining weight, maintaining a certain weight level, and losing weight.

• If you eat more calories than your BMR plus the calories burned via activities and your exercise, you will gain weight.
• If the calories you consume equal your BMR and the calories burned, your weight remains stable.
• If you eat fewer calories than your BMR and other calories burned, you will lose weight.

This information visually reveals the importance of understanding what Basal Metabolic Rate is, and why it is essential for a person to know their own individual BMR in order to lose weight; but also, how to keep that weight off for good.


1. To register online at, contact the office of Absolutely Thin at 972.934.3231, where they will provide you with all of the details you need in order to get started. Keep in mind, before beginning any treatment program that involves medication, an appointment must first be made with the doctor for an in-office visit.

2. After you have agreed to all terms regarded your personal treatment program, have been accepted as a patient who will be receiving medical treatment, you personal care provider will phone in or send a thirty-day supply of prescription medication to your preferred licensed brick and mortar pharmacy. The combination of prescription medications prescribed to you by the doctor must only be taken in the way that the directions instruct. Remember, that in order to achieve weight loss in the safest and most effective manner, eating proper portions of low calorie foods is essential. To help you, Absolutely Thin will provide you with a packet containing nutrition information and recommendations of reduced-calorie meals that are low in fat and high in protein for your new diet.

3. At then end of every month, you must submit a brief online progress report through the Absolutely Thin website that will be personally reviewed by the Absolutely Thin medical team. This will provide them with important information insuring them that you are not only feeling healthy, but have not had any negative reactions or side effects from the medications prescribed. This is a patient treatment-monitoring requirement of medical licensure, which is required by each of the 50-state medical licensing boards.

4. Only when a medical doctor at Absolutely has made a medical determination, then and only then, will a prescription renewal for another thirty-day refill will be made. Based on the progress found during the review of your required, monthly progress report submitted by you online, the doctors at Absolutely Thin will determine whether or not an increase, decrease, or no changes are needed in the dosage of the medications that are prescribed for your weight loss treatment program.

5. Each state medical board varies in their medical regulations and requirements for providing medical services to patients. Absolutely Thin is a medical pioneer when it comes to providing patients with “online medical evaluation medical services.” An example of this being, those living in the state of Texas must set up an appointment for an annual office visit in order to continue receive medical treatment that involves prescription medications; whereas those living in Colorado may have different medical regulation requirements. This being said, you must complete these requirements and be seen by a doctor at Absolutely Thin where he or she will conduct a physical examination in order to monitor your treatment progress in order to make certain that the patient is indeed responding well to the long-term treatment. Typically, these in-office examinations occur in regular-monthly intervals.


Below one of, countless letters and emails, Absolutely Thin has received from patients who are thrilled to share their success stories, and unsolicited comments by email.

“Dr. Branch, I just want to write and thank you for offering a treatmentprogram that has changed my life! I know it sounds cliché, but there is no other way to describe it. I began gaining weight when I was 13. All through high school and for the past 20 years I have battled both weight and the depression, and the zero self-esteem it caused. Nothing helped/worked, and I would sink ever deeper into my low self-esteem shell. You provided me with the knowledge, skills and tools that not only help me for once in my entire life reach my goal weight, but also continues to equip me to control the food instead of it controlling my life and me. Not only do these skills and tools help keep the weight off instead of just gaining it all back and more, like everything else I have tried, my self-confidence is rising and I am stepping out to do things to enjoy life. I look forward to keeping the weight off and continued self-esteem improvement. I cannot thank you enough!”


With a growing demand for the primarily online medical weight loss program, Absolutely Thin is now embarking on a nationwide expansion of their physician network group. What’s more, Absolutely Thin’s new mobile-friendly website is easy for patients to use! Soon, they will introduce an exclusive calorie-tracking app to use with the program available for iPhone as well as Android Smart Phone Platforms.

“Obesity and being overweight is a serious medical illness that is reaching epidemic proportions in America. It threatens to destroy the U.S. with rising healthcare costs and an ailing population. We want to help more people across the nation conveniently lose weight and achieve healthy weight maintenance. We currently have around 40 physician members in our ATIMAP (Absolutely Thin Independent Medical Associate Physician) network group, and plan to increase this to significantly expand our reach across the country in both large and small markets,” Dr. Branch said.

Begin your journey to a healthier life and lose the weight that has hounded you for so long with the medical expertise of Dr. Branch and his team! Any questions can be answered by between the hours of 9 AM and 5 Pm Monday thru Friday by phoning Absolutely Thin at 972.934.3231, or via E-mail at We now have a new provider making house calls to patients located in Tarrant County! Visit our website at AbsolutelyThin.Com to learn more!


Dr. R.E. Branch is a pioneer in online medically supervised weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. In 2002 he self-designed and created his first online medical service, getting the idea for primarily online medical treatment for weight loss from the American Medical Association’s (AMA), developed in 1999 for online medical consultations.

Dr. Branch received his medical degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and completed his residency in surgical specialty at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas.

He has had a long interest in bariatrics, an area of medicine dealing with over consumption of food and good, convenient, effective, and cost efficient progressive medical care of patients.

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