Remember the timeless catchphrase from 1968, “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby”? Do you think that when the creators of this infamous saying spoke these words, that they would have ever foreseen just how far women would succeed in the world of business?

That was an era when women owning their own business were few and far between. Today, a woman owning her own business is not so unusual, however, just as it is with any business; be it owned by a man or a woman, successes are not so easy to come by. At Russell Publishing Group, we set out on a lengthy search to find and promote three women who not only own their own business, but also are more than happy to share their secrets to finding success so that others can do the same.

Paula Field is a CPA and Fraud Investigator as well as a full-time mother. She loves being able to inspire others by sharing her personal story with them. At the age of thirteen, Paula went to work in her mother’s Hallmark Store. It was here that she discovered that he had an aptitude for numbers. This led her to a field where she could build her career by helping business owners receive the maximum return when it comes to filing their taxes, and should there be any fraud involved…that fraudster better watch because Paula is on the case!

Dixie Medford is the owner of Classic Beauty Concepts. She is the woman who single-handedly pioneered the art of micropigmentation. At the youthful age of seventy-five, Dixie is still going strong. Her knowledge is vast and she is more than willing to share her secret to her success with anyone who wants to hear.

Doris Morrow is the owner of Gorgeous By Doris. Her passion for creating beautiful hair is truly an art in itself. Doris has gone to Great Lengths®, no pun intended, to become an expert at creating thick, luscious hair for women who have thin or aging hair, or simply want a change in the look or the length of their hair. Her personal styling skills that are uniquely her own have been creating “movie star” results for her clients nationwide.

There is one strong tie between these three women and their personal life stories…their willingness to take chances and work tirelessly to receive the results they desire. At the core of these female-owned businesses is the desire to help others be the very best they can be and to make their journey in life just a little bit easier.


I met Dixie Medford, founder of Classic Beauty Concepts, in 1988. The first thing that I noticed when meeting Dixie was her uncanny resemblance to the late movie actress, Elizabeth Taylor. It didn’t take long for me to learn that besides having a pretty face, Dixie was extremely knowledgeable when it came to the medical aesthetic world of skin care and cosmetics. She gave off this wonderful energy that possessed incredible warmth paired with an up-beat spirit. And after all of these years, she still has that zest for life!

In the beginning…Dixie served as the Operation Vice President in banking for more than twenty-five years. After retiring from this field, she served on the City Council as well as Mayor Pro Tem for the city of Denison, Texas and was on the Board of Governors. Unsatisfied by retirement, Dixie decided to go back to work in 1988. “I have always loved art and been a hobbyist,” she explains. “I became fascinated with skin care and the new world of intradermal cosmetics. I wanted to help women address problems they have with their skin and make-up.”

One of the first women to pioneer permanent cosmetics, Dixie Medford has become a legend in the industry. Not only has she served on various National Industry Boards, she has also received
recognition for her leadership both nationally and internationally in the fields of medical aesthetics, and permanent and corrective cosmetics. Dixie   has   been   featured   on   ABC’s   20/20, Fox 4   Local   News,   NBC Channel 8 News, and has even been honored twice by the Who’s Who among American Business Executives, as well as, the Business Woman of the Year by the Business Council Advisory.

As a published writer, national speaker, and certified instructor, Dixie has travelled the world to speak to audiences of all ages and teach them the latest techniques regarding permanent cosmetics, differences in skin care ingredients, and various procedures available. She has educated people in Europe, Mexico, Central America, Canada, and Africa. In addition to these remarkable accomplishments, Dixie has performed over 35,000 procedures personally, and even though she has reached her senior years, this small fact hasn’t slowed her down one bit!

In 2007, while working alongside a local Biochemist, Dixie developed her own skin care line called Regina-C Gold®. She hoped to present a skin care line that was simple to use, extremely effective, and affordable to people of all incomes. This past year, Dixie partnered with Cosmedx Science, Inc. in California. By uniting this product line with this company, the skin care line has been streamlined and updated. By utilizing the latest innovative technology, the products introduce plant stem cells with a patented delivery system that has gained the recognition of Kevin Harrington who is one of the renowned and respected hosts of the famous television series, Shark Tank. With his personal endorsement, the Regina-C Gold® skin care line will be launched on his website, “As Seen on TV”, in 2017.

The Regina-C Gold® skin care line, which has been designed to be used by both men and women, bestows its product users with youthful skin while reducing the signs of aging. The products available for consumers to choose from include the Regina-C Gold® Perfection Cream for nightime use, and the Oil-Free Moisturizer for daytime use. An additional product that many love is the Regina-C Gold® Skin Brightening Cream. This particular product has been formulated to brighten one’s complexion, while lightening the appearance of age spots, freckles, and sun damage. One of the most outstanding products by far is the Luminous Eye Cream, which in its own right is quite extraordinary. This proficient cream assists in the production of collagen, which gives the person using it, the same results you receive when using Botox® without injections. This superior formulation helps diminish dark circles under the eyes, while at the same time reducing up to 70 percent of the unwanted puffiness as well. To learn more about this life-changing product, please visit

Dixie is a true lady who believes full-heartedly in the grace of life and the importance of giving back in order to pay it forward. Throughout the years, she has devoted a great deal of her time to various charities, some of which include assisting orphanages in Mexico and Nicaragua. At the graceful age of seventy-five, Dixie still possesses a zest for life that is rarely seen in people half her age. She continues by stating that, “Ralph Waldo Emerson says it best,” “The purpose of life is not to just be happy and call it a day. The purpose is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Classic Beauty Concepts is located in Arlington, Texas. To learn more, please call 1.817.261.1890 or visit


A native Dallasite, Doris Morrow chose her career as a hair stylist at a very early age. At the age of eight, her mother had taken her to her friend’s hair salon, “Which,” she shares, “was all pink and frilly, and it smelled so good.” She knew then that a career in the field of beauty would be the same as, “Working and playing in a little dollhouse.”

Doris’ passion to become a hair stylist intensified, as she grew older. At the early age of fifteen, Doris began studying at the National Beauty College in Highland Park. Her weekly routine consisted of going to school during the week as a ninth grader, studying at the Beauty College in Park Cities on Saturdays, and always attending church on Sunday mornings. Because of this hectic schedule, it took her four years to earn her certificate at the Beauty College. After leaving school, she quickly realized that all salons are not like the dollhouses as she had anticipated, and that if she wanted a salon that was like a dollhouse, she would have to create her own salon and go into her own business. Throughout her career she has continued to learn the latest and greatest techniques for beauty and hair. Her refusal to take shortcuts and her ability to listen to her clients helping them achieve their best look is what has made her business the success it is. However, it is also coupled with her passion for hair and hair design.

Doris is an expert at using Great Lengths® hair extensions. “I learned to do hair extensions because another hair stylist wanted me to wear them for her so that she could show the look to her clients. Once she put them in, I had to wait two days to wash my hair when I was used to washing it everyday before the extensions. After washing my hair I was so in love with my new hair and look that I wanted every woman to experience the same feeling,” shares Doris. “I became certified with Great Lengths® and this changed my whole way of styling hair. At first it was scary
adding new services to my career profile, but it turned out to be the best thing that I had ever done for both myself and my clients.”

Doris’ commitment to her clients was extremely apparent when she became a single mother. She admits that her children were basically raised in a salon. Her clients and other stylists became part of her extended family and helped raise her children. She readily admits that, “It takes a village to raise great kids, and confesses that her kids ARE great and a very important part of her life.”

Since 2001, Doris has made life-long friendships with her clients. She has designed a beautiful salon, Gorgeous By Doris, and only has had the best assistants working with her. Doris describes her current assistant, Brogan Maranell, as a “sparkle” in her salon. “Brogan is a wonderful make-up artist and has become an expert at placing Great Lengths® hair extensions and Tape In® hair extensions. She is also great at color and cuts. “I never know what color Brogan’s hair is going to be,” Doris laughs. “But whatever color it is, it’s always great.” Gorgeous By Doris is known as a happy salon with happy hairdressers, happy clients, and the ability to create beautiful hair that meets each client’s unique desire.

Consultations for any type of hair service are complimentary. To set up your complimentary consultation call Doris at 214.552.7435, or visit her at Gorgeous By Doris at Salon Boutique off of Trinity Mills and the Dallas North Tollway.


When you file your taxes, are you sure that you are getting all of the tax breaks you are entitled to? Or is your accountant, bleary-eyed and exhausted, just going through the motions?

Working mainly with business owners, Paula Field, CPA, CFE says that, “The rules change continually.” She believes that many business owners do not know how to take advantage of the tax laws. Paula is also a certified Fraud Examiner. “Fraudsters do not have purple skin,” she explains. “They look just like you and me.”

It all started when she was thirteen years old. Her mother opened a Hallmark store at the corner of Independence and Spring Creek. At first, business was slow, but when the store moved just a short distance away business boomed. Paula’s mother never liked accounting. While helping her mother in the store, Paula realized she had an affinity for numbers. After she graduated from college Paula kept all of the books. Within a few years there were seven stores. It would end up being a twenty year success story. Her own career was launched when a friend who happened to be an attorney referred a client to her, “You can do this,” he said.

“I like helping people and I get great satisfaction in helping a business owner realize something out of his or her business,” Paula says. “Many times they don’t expect to get anything and I work hard to apply the changing rules to make sure that they pay a minimum amount of tax. I also like to help people with IRS issues. It’s been a lifetime of learning,”

Here’s What People Are Saying About Paula Field, CPA, PLLC

“I am happy to give Paula my unreserved endorsement. Changing to her firm this past year was one of the best decisions I made. She truly delivers “World Class Service,” and it is very personal. She is always available to listen to my questions and answer them. Her response-time   is   amazingly quick.”
Chuck Ward, President of Chuck Ward & Associates, Inc.

“Wonderful, I really feel Paula understands our role in a growing small business, which needs guidance, and the best part is they care and want to partner with us to ensure we do.”
Marci Farr, Owner of the Mardia Group, LLC

“I would like to recommend Paula Field as an outstanding accountant and CPA. She has helped us with our company since 2007 and has truly been an asset to us an the business. She has performed audits; given us accounting and business advice, and handles all our tax and payroll filings. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of personal and business yearly and quarterly tax preparation.”
Amy Pierce, Mobility Outfitters, Inc.

Paula’s book, Straight Talk, will be released later this year. She has recently opened her offices at 703 N. Greenville in Allen, Texas. To contact Paula for more information, please call 972.359.0307 or view her website at

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