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What is DentaLife?

What is DentaLife?

DentaLife is a full-color magazine that is customized specifically for your dental practice. Its high-impact, strongly visible front cover gives the consumer a reason to look inside. DentaLife’s content explains your philosophy on dental care, as well as delivering updated information, testimonials, and photographic examples about the latest techniques and procedures in cosmetic dentistry that you offer.

Is there a required minimum order of DentaLife publications?

Yes. Our experience of over 20 years confirms that the effectiveness of any successful marketing program is consistency. For instance, our suggested print-run is 250,000 copies, however you can purchase the minimum amount of 100,000. This provides a marketing program with active distribution for that ranges from 10 months up to 24.

What is an exclusive marketing area?

The success of DentaLife lies in its ability to establish a marketing program that is both competitive and informative. When you sign up for DentaLife, we help you determine the zip codes to which we will market your dental services. We work with your local newspaper to plan a strategic distribution that allows your DentaLife to be placed in the homes of their subscribers, as well as their non-subscribers. There is little, if any interruption to your practice. All you need to do is get ready for your new patient business.

Will my zip code area be protected?

It has been our experience that once a dentist begins their DentaLife distribution, we receive calls from other dentists in the area requesting the same type of marketing program. Each DentaLife program is protected by the dentist’s chosen zip codes.

Besides being delivered through my local newspaper, how else can DentaLife be distributed?

DentaLife distribution can also include high-end grocery stores and health clubs, and other retail locations. This form of distribution has proven quite successful, because it allows DentaLife to be seen daily by shoppers. The cost for this program is based upon a six-month agreement with the distribution company. If you are interested in learning more about this very effective adjunct to your distribution, please let us know. The cost for this distribution can be added into your DentaLife contract. Many of our clients continue this for the term of their agreement because it has proven to be so effective.

Do you offer any other methods for distribution of DentaLife?

In addition to the newspaper and grocery store distribution, we also offer the opportunity to get your DentaLife into the hands of high-income homeowners via targeted shared mail and direct mail. If you would like to learn more about this very successful marketing advantage, we will be happy to discuss this with you. Many of our clients also opt to print an additional 10,000 or more copies to hand-deliver to offices near their practice. This is an excellent way to introduce your dental practice to businesses within a five-mile radius. You may also purchase DentaLife display racks to place in high-volume restaurants, hair and nail salons, office buildings, and other businesses around your practice.

Choose your marketing program wisely — do your research!

As with any effective and original marketing idea, there are imitators. It is important to do research on whatever marketing program you are considering, but realize that DentaLife is backed by a successful track record and years of experience in marketing cosmetic dentistry. Before you make a decision of how to market your cosmetic dental practice, you need to know what you are getting. Included in your DentaLife program is a full-day, on-site visit to your practice with the following:

Professional Photo Session—includes cover photo (variety of poses to select from), head shots of the patients being used for testimonials, team photos (group and individual), and a family portrait (if you wish to include your family in your profile). We will be creating hundreds of high-quality digital images to choose from. You can also purchase a CD of images from this session for $995; however, these low-res images have restricted usage that permits Web site and in-office promotion only. ?Interviews—to further personalize your DentaLife, we will meet with each of the patients that you choose to feature. They will be professionally photographed and given the opportunity to share their dental experience and how it has touched their life.? Marketing – a customized marketing plan is developed for your DentaLife program. When this is agreed upon, it is set into motion once it is printed. Our entire program is turnkey. You and your staff are free to do what you do best: perform quality dentistry and care for new patients who found you through your DentaLife.

How do I get started?

Once you sign an agreement to do DentaLife, a 25-percent down payment is made to secure your area … then the fun begins! We schedule a convenient time for you, your team and your patients to be photographed and interviewed. After this session, our team returns to Dallas to create and design a DentaLife that complements your practice. The anticipated time it takes to complete this phase is eight to twelve weeks. Once the design meets your approval, your DentaLife is printed and quickly becomes a viable marketing tool for your practice as it is distributed throughout your community.

How much does DentaLife cost?

DentaLife is available in an 8-page, 12-page, 16-page and also an impressive 20-page premium format. The cost for DentaLife ranges from 38 cents each up to 51 cents produced and delivered to prospective new patients for less (in most cases) than it costs to mail a letter. A 25-percent down payment is required upon contract. Your down payment can be broken down into three consecutive payments. Monthly payments, that are interest-free, begin thereafter until you have satisfied your DentaLife contract.

What Our Advertisers Are Saying …

“Having tried all forms of marketing and advertising, by far, I can say that DentaLife surpasses any other form of advertising that I have tried.

“When my financial advisor of 10 years told me one day that he still does not know what it is that I do, I realized that there is a need for a different form of marketing, a way to provide information, as well as education about dentistry to individuals. DentaLife was the answer. I have tried TV, Radio, PR, lifestyle magazines, health fairs, newsletters, and none have obtained the results that DentaLife has had. For one, people tell me that they read my DentaLife magazine and they ask me questions about treatments such as full-mouth reconstruction, TMJ therapy and dental implants and they’re able to have educated conversations about it. They ask me about unbalanced bites not being right and the symptoms that it can create. This has become a great advantage for our practice. When new patients call for an appointment with this problem, they routinely add that they are aware that they have this problem. This changes the way that they accept their dental treatment and our relationship is strong from the onset. We are no longer viewed as the bad guy who broke the news, we are the good guy who is going to help them regain their dental health, as well as their smile. Though initially, the DentaLife investment may seem rather steep, the return on investment quickly diminishes this view.

“So far, we have made well over our total investment within the first three months of distribution, and we are getting more and more calls. I would recommend DentaLife to anyone who has a high-tech, high-touch practice. DentaLife is not only informative marketing but also makes case presentation easier and our case acceptance ratio much higher.”

—Shervin Erfani, DMD, FICCMO, FICOI
Da Vinci Dental Arts
Encinitas, CA

“Your attention to detail throughout the production process was excellent.The “turnkey” product that you offer was what made us choose you over other publications. Not only has DentaLife driven in qualified new patients … but it has also elevated us in the eyes of our existing patients. Needless to say, we are exquisitely happy with the results.”

—Rod P. Strickland, DDS and David A. Smith, DDS
Fishers, Indiana

“Besides doing the newspaper distribution with DentaLife, I am doing a DentaLife insert in a prominent Seattle magazine and also direct mail to high-income households. It seems like I am doing at least one great consult a day now as a result of DentaLife. Existing patients see DentaLife and are proud that I am their dentist.You can’t go wrong with Russell Publishing Group!”

—Lance Timmerman, DMD
Renton, Washington

DentaLife has allowed me to emerge as one of the top cosmetic practices in the Houston area. My market is very savvy in regards to marketing. DentaLife excels in this very competitive advertising niche. My investment was returned within the first three months of distribution. Russell Publishing is an incredible firm to work with and has guided me through the entire publishing, editing, and distribution process. As this was my first advertising attempt, I hit a homerun by attracting quality, high-end restorative patients. I cannot wait to do my next edition of DentaLife.”

—Kathy Frazar, DDS
Houston, Texas

DentaLife is a first-class act. It has presented me in the best light to position me as the top aesthetic dentist in my area. I’ve had many patients say they’ve never seen any other dentist publish such a quality magazine. They then naturally draw the conclusion that I must be the best. My patients pass DentaLife out to their friends and co-workers, being proud that I am their dentist.”

—Robert W. Bryce, DDS
Potomac Falls, Virginia

DentaLife has definitely created a stronger brand for me within my marketplace and has positively impacted my overall image as the cosmetic dentist in Baltimore.”

—Edward S. Lazer, DDS
Owing Mills, Maryland

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my relationship with Russell Publishing Group (RPG). DentaLife is one of highest-class publications I’ve even been associated with. The professionalism and exceptional quality of each of RPG’s publications are truly “world class” —the perfect reflection of an image that exemplifies the services that we offer to our patients.”

—R. Jeff Colquitt, DDS, FICOI
Dallas, Texas

“We have worked very hard the past several years to build a brand in our marketplace. After our first full year with DentaLife, nothing we have done in the past truly compares to the measurable return on investment we have received through DentaLife. We had high expectations and have not been disappointed. I strongly recommend DentaLife to any practice desiring to capitalize on their marketplace.”

—Sharon E. Schindler, DDS
Columbus, Ohio

“I track the source of our new patients very carefully. Dentalife has proven to be a major referral source for our practice. In fact, I wouldn’t be doing a second Dentalife, if I didn’t have a great return on my investment.”

—Tom Hedge, DDS
Cincinnati, Ohio

DentaLife has by far been our best marketing vehicle for our practice and we have tried them all! Unlike other typical forms of marketing, DentaLife provides the practice the opportunity to educate the consumer, differentiate your practice, and establish yourself as the expert. We have found that our patients are better informed and ready to move forward with treatment. In addition to bringing in more cosmetic patients, we have found that our existing patients have noticed DentaLife as well. We are seeing a greater acceptance from our existing patients and they are asking about elective dental care as a direct result of DentaLife.

“While our main goal was to increase the cosmetic side of our practice, we have also seen a spike in our general practice. The caliber of patient has increased and our dependence on dental insurance has decreased. DentaLife is extremely versatile—we use it to market for new patients, to our existing patients, and as an educational brochure. The return on investment has been tremendous!“I would recommend DentaLife to any practice that is looking to increase case acceptance, increase new patient numbers, increase cosmetic treatment, and have a positive impact on your reputation in your community.”

—Tarun Agarwal, DDS
Raleigh, North Carolina