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Nu Image Dallas

Nu Image Houston

Nu Image is Russell Publishing Group’s flagship specialty publication. Since its Dallas launch in 1997 and introduction to Houston in 2001, Nu Image has become recognized as the resource for providers of health and beauty services. This health and beauty magazine has changed the face of advertising through its advertorial format. Our aesthetic professionals say that their new patient business has changed from those who are price shopping to educated patients who are knowledgeable consumers ready to undergo their desired aesthetic procedures.

Inform Dallas

The high demand for more front cover placements led to the birth of our monthly magazine, Inform. Besides providing advertising for plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists and other services, Inform gives its readers information on travel, dining, fashion, fitness and business as well.


DentaLife is a specialty publication that first premiered in 1988. DentaLife is proven to be an effective marketing tool for cosmetic dentists both nationally and internationally. It is also a turn-key program that gives you the ability to run your practice while we make certain your distribution is working well for you.


Visuelle is the newest addition within the company’s specialized area of custom-designed magazines. Visuelle is a personalized magazine designed to introduce plastic and cosmetic surgeons and their procedures and places emphasis on bringing in new patient business.