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Nu Image Houston

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When you appear in Nu Image, you may choose from an assortment of advertising options to further assure your visibility. Not only have we priced the advertising in Nu Image to be affordable, but we have also designed our pricing to offer discounts based on frequency and combination advertising. Plus, for a maximum impact, Nu Image is printed on all-gloss paper in full color.

We have carefully thought out the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of Nu Image. Besides an impressive print run of 150,000 for each city magazine each quarter, we distribute this health and beauty magazine through direct mail, grocery stores, and a variety of other high-end retail venues.

Nu Image is the choice of many doctors who have never before felt comfortable about advertising. Their reason for advertising in Nu Image is its wide acceptance from the healthcare community, the ability to write articles, and the number one reason—it works! If you are looking to increase the new patient business in your practice or business, Nu Image just might be the choice you’ve been waiting to make!

What Our Advertisers Are Saying…

“One important reason why we have chosen Nu Image is because we are able to write articles about the procedures we offer. The informative format provides both our new and current patients the opportunity to read and see a variety of cosmetic procedures. In addition, Nu Image has become a resource on the latest health information and research. We advertise in other magazines, but Nu Image has been one of the most consistent resources we have chosen.”

—Scott Harris, MD and Peter Raphael, MD
American Institute for Plastic Surgery

Nu Image has done wonders for my practice. The great thing about Nu Image is that it is a quarterly publication, so patients keep these magazines forever. I have had numerous patients comment that they have been reading my articles for years. I think this forum also allows you the opportunity to express who you really are, so that patients who are choosing a health care professional can make an informed choice. Nu Image is a very tasteful way to get the word out to the community about who you are as a professional and what type of services you provide. It has been the most cost effective and consistent marketing that I have done over the years and it has yielded the highest quality patients.”

—Vicki A. Borowski, DDS
Borowski Cosmetic Dentistry

“Prior to advertising in Nu Image, we had poor response from the ads that we ran in other magazines. This magazine has not only gotten our phones ringing with new clients, but it has also proven to be an effective way of getting up-to-the-minute information out to our current clients. As you can tell, we are very happy with the success our advertising has had because of Nu Image, and we encourage you to make the right decision to sign-up to appear in the upcoming issue of this health and beauty magazine. If your advertising in Nu Image works half as well as it has for us, it will be one of the better decisions you have made this year!”

—Fatma Gul, MD and Hakan Gul
Hakan International Hair & Contour

“Ten years ago when Bill Russell approached me with his concept for a magazine-style, information based publication for advertising my practice; I knew the concept was a good one. The plan and volume of circulation was impressive and I knew that my message would get into the hands of my target audience. From the start, my involvement with Nu Image has been hugely successful. And Nu Image is among the top three sources of new patients in my practice, which, according to published statistics, is a truly elite and premier practice of plastic surgery. A good part of my success can be credited to my involvement in Nu Image. It has definitely worked for me!”

—Gregory J. Stagnone, MD
Plastic Surgery Center of Dallas