Are you thinking about getting liposuction to contour your curves, minimize love handles, and address those stubborn exercise- and diet-resistant pockets of fat? While you may be aware of the benefits liposuction offers, now there’s one more, and perhaps the most significant of all!

As a result of liposuction, you are given a key to access an exciting new kind of personal “bio insurance” that could have a huge impact on your future health and well-being. A type of insurance that David G. Genecov, MD, FACS, a renowned craniofacial plastic surgeon who is the co-founder and medical director of Dallas-based BioLife Cell Bank, believes is “the best kind of health insurance for the future that someone can buy.” You won’t be turned down and after a reasonable initial set-up fee the monthly cost is around what you would pay for three or four cappuccinos at your favorite coffee house. click to read more